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Christmas Recipes

Squash & Cranberry Christmas Wreath

  SQUASH & CRANBERRY CHRISTMAS WREATH Squash & Cranberry Christmas Wreath – Shortcrust pastry filled with squash, onion, chestnuts, quinoa and cranberries to make a festive treat to wow your friends and family. A perfect vegan recipe for when you have had all the turkey and trimmings and fancy something different. Ingredients: Makes one large […]

The Ultimate Christmas Brussels Sprouts By Ross & Ross Food

They’re the Marmite of the festive spread, but you can’t forget the Christmas Brussels sprouts. We’ve put together some tips that might just convert a few doubters into diners this Christmas. Love them or hate them, it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the Christmas Brussels sprouts. Not much is known about the origin of the humble sprout, or […]

Chocolate Truffles – Week 10 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own Chocolate Truffles at home for Christmas! WEEK 10 – CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES The final recipe in our 10 Weeks of Christmas recipes are these deliciously decadent chocolate truffles. They are Perfect for gifting or treating yourself! View & Print our Chocolate Truffles recipe! Ingredients: 300g dark chocolate (70% cocoa) 250g double cream 25g […]

Bloody Mary Mix – Week 9 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own Bloody Mary at home for Christmas! WEEK 9 – BLOODY MARY MIX We’re 9 weeks into our 10 Weeks of Christmas recipes and with all the Party’s happening this recipe is a must over the Christmas Season! Our Spicy and refreshing Bloody Mary recipe is just the thing for a brunch […]

Caramel Whiskey Sauce – Week 8 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own Caramel Whiskey Sauce at home for Christmas! WEEK 8 – CARAMEL WHISKEY SAUCE We’re 8 weeks into our 10 Weeks of Christmas recipes and we know the mince pies have made an appearance already so why don’t you try making this easy recipe for a scrumptious Caramel Whisky Sauce that […]

Delicious Christmas Ham Recipe By Ross & Ross Food

Turkey may take the top spot for the festive feast, but our Christmas spread wouldn’t be complete without a shiny Christmas ham. Here’s how we make ours. The best Christmas ham has a crisp roasted finish, concealing sweet and unctuous meat within. We love it alongside the main event on Christmas day, but it really […]

Home curing spicy bacon just in time for Christmas

We’re not trying to steal attention from the turkey, but there’s still time for home curing spicy bacon before Christmas Day. It’s quicker and easier than you think, and will make for a spectacular twist on the average pigs in blankets or turkey lattice. Do you fancy trying your hand at cure your own spicy bacon […]

Epic Roast Turkey Recipe

This Epic Roast Turkey recipe is for the cooking fanatics, the ‘go all out’ this Christmas and the ones ready to impress. The recipe isn’t called ‘Epic’ for no reason… We have used our new Roast Turkey rub and the brining technique to ensure super juicy and flavoursome meat. You can leave out the Brining […]

How to make the best Roast Potatoes

For this blog we have a delicious Roast Potato recipe using our Roast Potato Oil from the brand new Roast Range! The Roast Potato Oil is Cotswold Rapeseed Oil infused with Rosemary, Garlic and Smoke. The Oil is perfect for creating the best roast potatoes ever, for your year round roasts!. I know in my […]

Pigs in Blankets Recipe

For this blog, I will be giving you a fantastic ‘Pigs in Blanket’s’ Recipe that is perfect as a side dish or maybe as part of a buffet. The Pigs in Blanket’s Dust was designed to really add an extra kick to the famous pigs in blankets. The dust ingredients include: Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Palm […]

How to make the best Brussels Sprouts ever!

For today’s blog we are giving you a delicious Dusted Brussels Sprout recipe using our very own Brussels Sprout Dust. This deliciously fragranced dust has been created to liven up the boring, old brussels sprouts to create the ultimate irresistible sprouts that no one will complain about! The dust includes: ginger, garlic, chilli, cumin, coriander, […]

Mulling Syrup – Week 7 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own mulling syrup at home! Print our mulling syrup recipe! It’s week 7 of our 10 Weeks Of Christmas Recipes series and this week it’s the turn of our delicious mulling syrup. Ross has been adapting this recipe over the past few festive seasons and now you can try it out […]

Irish Cream Liqueur – Week 6 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own Irish cream liqueur at home for Christmas! WEEK 6 – IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR We’re 6 weeks into our 10 Weeks of Christmas recipes, and Christmas is definitely getting close now. It’s getting colder and darker and wetter and much much more CHRISTMASSY! So we thought we’d give you an easy […]

Cranberry Sauce – Week 5 – 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes

How to make your own cracking cranberry sauce at home for Christmas! WEEK 5 – CRANBERRY SAUCE So we’re now halfway through our 10 Weeks of Christmas Recipes series! Which means Christmas is just round the corner… And it’s the perfect time to make your cranberry sauce ready to serve up with your turkey on […]

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