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Get our delicious salts, rubs and oils ready for the BBQ season!

British Summer Time is here and we’re itching to get the grill out and invited friends and family over. Ross & Ross have everything you need to offer your guests something special this BBQ season.

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When the sun comes out, it’s BBQ season and we’re ready to indulge in some alfresco dining. Brits have decided to take BBQs to the next level – no more burnt bangers and pink chicken for us. We’re increasingly seeking out gourmet ingredients to give our BBQ feasts the wow factor. Ross & Ross have taken their years of culinary knowledge and used them to engineer an exciting range of BBQ salts, BBQ oils and BBQ rubs to spice up your next outdoor party. They’re all available to order online, so you’ll be ready to grill on the next bank holiday weekend.

It’s BBQ season – explore our product range

Rubs, salts, oils – we’ve got everything you need to spice up your next BBQ. Not sure what you’re looking for or how to use them? We’re here to help.

BBQ rubs

Looking for deep flavours that infuse every bite of your grilled meats? Then you need to explore our range of rubs this BBQ season. Dry rubs need to be massaged into your meat at least an hour before cooking, although we like to leave them overnight to unlock the full flavours. We took our inspiration from regional US BBQ recipes as well as those from North Africa and India to fully understand how rubs work and how to get the best results.

BBQ rubs

Rather than create a generic rub recipe, we’ve chosen to formulate rubs specifically for each meat.

Choose from our range:

BBQ Rub for Pork
All-purpose BBQ rub for all things pork

Cajun Rub for Fish
Works well on meaty fish like salmon and cod

Jerk Rub for Chicken
Classic Jamaican flavours and also works well on fish and lamb

Sweet Ribs Rub for Pork
Sweet, smoky and spicy for pork ribs or belly pork. Works on wings too

Chilli Rub for Chicken
Great on wings and drumsticks. But can be used to spice up any meat

Steak Rub for Beef
Try on Bavette or rump. Great on Brisket or beef ribs cooked low and slow.

Moroccan Rub for Lamb
Perfect on slow cooked shoulder of lamb or butterflied leg

Tandoori Rub for Chicken
Try on spatchcock chicken

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BBQ salts

BBQ salts

Our new range of BBQ Salts are blends of flavoured Halen Mon salts for enhancing your BBQ. Ross and Ross Food have worked with Halen Mon at many food shows over the years so approached them with an idea of blending various flavoured salts and their world’s finest sea salt. These salts can be used to season meat and vegetables but also as a finishing salt. We have formulated two blends; one bringing in smoked, garlic and charcoal salts and a spicy version with the addition of chilli.

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BBQ oils

Using BBQ oils is a wonderful way to add extra flavour when cooking on the grill. We have chosen rapeseed oil as the base for BBQ oils because it adopts new flavours really well and has a very high burn point, making it ideal for the heat of the BBQ. We’ve crafted two unique blends for you to enjoy: the original BBQ oil is infused with rich aromas of garlic and smoke, while the Spicy BBQ Oil has a subtle kick of fiery chilli.

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BBQ jams

bbq jams

Jam isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Our range of BBQ jams are designed to be used as a condiment to cooked meats or added as a last minute glaze at the end of cooking. Use them as a dip or spread generously on sandwiches and burgers for that added zing. Our BBQ jams are made for us by the Warwickshire Chilli Tree based in Stratford-upon-Avon, who specialise in Chilli Jams and all things chilli. They are made in small batches to ensure consistency and that the chilli levels are where they should be.

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