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Homemade Curing Kits


Bacon kit close upThe Homemade Curing Kit… Bacon

This kit contains three cures for you to make the traditional flavours of Original, Sweet and Smoky Bacon in 1 week.

The kit contains: curing salts, muslin, butchers hook, full instructions, gloves and curing bags. Just add Pork.


Spicy Bacon Kit


The Homemade Curing Kit… Spicy Bacon

This kit contains three cures and one spice rub for you to make Old English, Cotswold Chorizo and British BBQ Bacon at home in 1 week.

The kit contains: curing salts, muslin, butchers hook, full instructions, gloves and curing bags. Just add Pork.


Salmon GOTY



The Homemade Curing Kit…Salmon

This is the newest in our curing kit range. The kit contains everything you need to make your own Gin, Smoky and Beetroot cured fish at home. All you need to do is add the salmon! Each cure takes three days to make some truly delicious fish.

This kit contains: curing salts, full instructions, gloves and curing bags. Just add Salmon.


British BBQ


Ross and Ross Food Photography BBQ

BBQ Jams

Our new BBQ Jams are designed to be used as a condiment or a last minute glaze. They are made in small batches to ensure consistency and that the chilli levels are where they should be.

Our BBQ Jams come in three different flavours:

Habanero & Pineapple: This is our hottest BBQ Jam. We have used a Habanero mash which has deep and hot chilli flavours. We have balanced this out with the sweetness of pineapple and peppers.

Smoky Chipotle Chilli: We say this is medium but still produces quite a tickle with the heat. Packed full of smoky notes from the Chipotle and giving a deep chilli flavour.

Sweet Chilli & Lime: This is our mildest (with a tiny tingle of chilli). Designed to give a zingy lift with lime and balanced with the sweet chilli.


Ross and Ross Food Photography BBQ

BBQ Salts

Our new BBQ Salts are blends of flavoured Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salts for enhancing your BBQ. We looked at ways to get extra flavour into the cooking process so looked at the main basic of seasoning meat. They are not to overpower but to enhance your BBQ.

Our BBQ Salts come in two varieties:

Original: This is a mix of Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt blended with Smoked, Roasted Garlic and Charcoal Salts. This will enhance any meat with an extra smoky BBQ flavour.

Spicy: This is a mix of Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt blended with Chilli, Roasted Garlic and Charcoal Salts. This will enhance any meat with an extra kick and BBQ flavour.


Ross and Ross Food Photography BBQ

BBQ Oils

Our new BBQ Oils are designed to enhance your BBQ. We experimented with lots of types of oils to see which cooked best and the Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil won hands down.

Our BBQ Oils are available in two different flavours:

Original: Subtle hints of garlic and smoke to enhance your BBQ

Spicy: Subtle kick of chilli married with smoke and charcoal to enhance your BBQ


Ross and Ross Food Photography BBQ

BBQ Rubs 

Our new BBQ Rubs are specifically designed to pair and complement each meat. These eight rubs are packed full of the best ground spices and blended to enhance the BBQ and the specific meat.

Our BBQ Rubs are available in eight varieties of flavour:

BBQ Rub for Pork: All-purpose BBQ rub for all things Pork. We created this as our go-to rub for all things Pork. A well balanced rub with a classic Onion, Celery base, a bit of heat from the Pepper and Paprika, and Fruity notes from the Coriander and Basil.

Cajun Rub for Fish: Works well on meaty Fish like Salmon and Cod. Good on meats too. Classic Cajun spices with a kick from the Cayenne and Pepper and a nice rounded flavour from the Thyme, Garlic and Onion.

Jerk Rub for Chicken: Classic Jamaican flavours and also works well on Fish and Lamb.

Sweet Ribs Rub for Pork: Sweet, smoky and spicy for Pork Ribs or Belly Pork. Works on wings too. Lots of Smoky Chilli notes, good bit of balanced heat followed by sweetness from the Cassia and Palm Sugar.

Chilli Rub for Chicken: Great on Wings and Drumsticks, but can be used to spice up any meat. A deep rich smoky heat coming from the Chilli’s, balanced with fragrance from the Coriander and Tarragon.

Steak Rub for Beef: Try on Bavette or rump. Great on Brisket or Beef Ribs cooked low and slow. This has a base of Garlic and Onions with a layers of spicy, smoky and fruity chillis, then fragrance from All-Spice and dried Porcini Mushrooms to get an almost umami feel.

Moroccan Rub for Lamb: Perfect on slow cooked Shoulder of Lamb or Butterflied Leg. This is a full on assault on the senses with these amazingly fragranced spices. Sweet notes all the way and not overpowered by the rose petals.

Tandoori Rub for Chicken: Try on Spatchcock Chicken. Instead of rubbing directly onto the meat you can mix with natural yoghurt and rub all over and cook in that marinade.



By following our simple instructions included in each kit you will make delicious Bacon in 1 week, and sensational Salmon in 3 days.

A4 Bacon Kit Trade PosterA4 Salmon Kit Trade Poster




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Homemade Curing Kit…Bacon

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