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Bacon kit

The Homemade Curing Kit…Bacon

Launched in late 2014, The Homemade Curing Kit… Bacon contains everything you need to cure your own Original, Sweet and Smoky Bacon at home. You just need to add the pork. Buy one online from our shop here.

It has already gone down an absolute storm with bacon lovers around the country.

In the summer we launched a kit to feed Britain’s love affair with spice. The Spicy Bacon kit works on a range of spices from the fragrant Old English cure that is full of juniper and fennel, through to the Cotswold Chorizo with a tickle of heat and the background notes of smoked paprika, through to the British BBQ which is not for the faint hearted with big bold notes of heat smacking you around the face. A great way to try the classic bacon flavours but with added bang.

Keep your eyes peeled for expansions to the range over 2015 – taste tests are underway!

And for those who want to take it a step further we have put the Homemade Curing Kits into a gift box along with a great twist on the classic Red & Brown sauce with the additions of Pip’s Barbecoa sauce and the Foraging Fox’s beetroot ketchup.

If you’re one of the lucky people that already owns one, send us pictures or write a review and let us know what you thought! We’d love to hear your feedback – it’s how we manage to keep giving you what you want. Find out how you can get in contact here.

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The Man Box Collection

This is a collection of some great snack foods for men. Booze, Meat, Chutney & Crackling. Each box contains craft beer or cider and is carefully paired with artisan British charcuterie, chutney and triple cooked crackling.

The range includes:

The Man Box – Original

The Man Box – Spicy

The XL Man Box

The Cider Man Box

The Spicy Cider Man Box

The XL Cider Man Box

The BBQ Man Box – Original

The BBQ Man Box – Spicy


Pate & Terrines

The production of our award winning Pate & Terrine range is now on hold whilst we focus on our Handmade British Food Gifts and Wedding & Event Catering.